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NDAA: Civil Rights Under Fire

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The Supreme Court announced they are refusing to decide on the legality of the NDAA provisions in the the Federal budget. These rules would allow indefinite detention of American citizens, even without a trial. The court denied hearing the case of Hedges versus Obama, citing the 1944 case of Korematsu versus the United States. In that hearing, the court upheld the power of the United States government to inter Japanese-Americans. The Rutherford Institute is a non-profit organization, dedicated to civil liberty issues. That organization was founded in 1982 by attorney and author John Whitehead. Today, he is president of the institute, and speaks on human rights abuses worldwide. Whitehead is our guest on the show today. He is here to talk to us about the NDAA, and the recent decision by the nation's highest court not to hear a case challenging the law. We will discuss the motives behind the act and the future of civil rights in America.

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