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Two Letters: The Militarization of LEOs

 I can save those last two items for later, but it is my firm conviction that our present LEO personnel are ALL corrupt. Every single one of them. Before someone(s) respond with bluff and bluster, protesting that "they" are not corrupt, I will put out this question. If there is one single LEO out there that has not committed an act of gross incompetence, like PA state trooper Joseph Miller of East Norritton, PA, who shot and killed his wife and unborn child, while he was cleaning his firearm. He said he didn't know it was loaded. Really???? How about the many instances of blank search warrants being sworn out, to be filled in later. Or, the extortion known as "civil forfeiture" where if a LEO suspects it may be tainted money, it can be confiscated right then and there. Look up Humboldt county Nevada, Matt Lee, and Tan Nguyen. I'm sure everyone knows about babby Bou-Bou and the flash-bang grenade in his crib. I submit that sheriff department felt it was too troublesome to do some real investigating about the circumstances of who, what, where, when, and how. They just wanted to play with their toys and feel the adrenaline. How about the nine year old girl that was handcuffed and taken to the police station !!!!!without her mother!!!!! Google "Latoya Harris", and police officers David McCarthy and Matthew Huspek.

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