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Lightning Mostly Kills Men Because Men Are Dumb

Since 2006, 80% of lightning victims were men. All seven people killed by lightning so far this year were men. This brings us to the only possible conclusion: men are stupid.

Of course, women have been trying to tell us that men are stupid for years. I mean, haven't you watched Roseanne? But the data finally backs up the assertion. Out of the 261 lightning deaths in the United States between 2006 and 2013, 211 were men!

Of all 261 deaths, 30 were the result of people gone fishing, 16 campers, 14 boaters, and 13 unfortunate beachgoers, according to a report (caution: PDF) written by National Weather Service Lightning Safety Specialist John Jensenius.

The seven men who died from lightning this year were fishing, closing car windows, riding a motorcycle, picking blueberries, roofing a car dealership, and two were near a tall tree when they were struck and killed.

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