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Mission tortillas do not state this on the package. You have to go to the QR code to scan for more information. First thing that pops up is a message saying that it is bioengineered. They are getting sneakier.

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The governor of Tennessee is about to sign the "Vaccine Lettuce Bill," which will require food products laced with vaccine material to be classified as drugs.

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The conventional medical model is beyond clueless when they believe the solution for this dilemma is better screening. This is unadulterated nonsense and fails to address the cause, which is a disruption in the microbiome that obliterates the healthy


Recently, however, the pendulum has swung slightly, with many female influencers promoting the diet. One such influencer, Ashley English, a former model who says she struggled with an eating disorder before adopting a high-protein, high-fat diet, wen