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Hardline regime?

•, By Stephanie Linning

There would be little out of the ordinary about this set of photographs, except that they were taken in the cities of Iran - a country run by a strict Islamic government.

The images reveal how some of the country's teenagers really live, hidden from the disapproving eye of the country's hardline regime.

They are seen partying, blowing their wages on plastic surgery... and rolling marijuana joints from pictures of the Ayatollah.

Behind closed doors, teenage children of the country's elite - who live and study in cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, Esfahan, Busher, Kerman and Ahwaz - are behaving in ways that, until recently, were considered un-Islamic.

Young people meet each other in the hidden corners of city parks, throw parties in the privacy of their homes and find ways to travel out of the city centre - moving out from the government's oppressive reach.

Some girls wear make-up. They push their veils farther and farther back on their heads showing some of their hair, which conservative Muslims consider risqué. Unmarried couples hold hands in public. Teenagers listen openly to Western pop music.