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Living In Paper - 2014

• Living in Paper 2014
Mr. Barry J. Fuller researched, wrote and regularly updates this website based on more current information. He is an Alternative Materials Specialist, experimental designer and builder - as well as a media producer. This website is an offshoot of a broadcast documentary about papercrete, which is currently in production.

For the past several years, Mr. Fuller has traveled throughout the Southwest and California interviewing people who have extensive experience with papercrete and learning as much as possible about building with this exciting new material.  Mr. Fuller has finished building Paper Palace One,  a model test structure which will be electronically monitored  for three years. Photos can be seen on the Current Projects page.

Besides working with papercrete, Mr. Fuller is owner of MEDIAWORKS -
Living In Paper is a project of MEDIAWORKS - an award-winning film and television production company specializing in documentaries, commercials, PSAs, interactive media presentations, music videos, and industrial/training presentations. MEDIAWORKS has created films and videos for national & international companies, as well as for many state agencies and local corporations. Mr. Fuller has completed all course work for the Ph.D. in media technology and has taught film & video production at Arizona State University. He co-authored a video production textbook, published by Simon & Schuster, titled: "Single-Camera Video Production."


Current papercrete construction methods and papercrete research are covered in detail on this site. Papercrete construction involves using waste paper for affordable, sustainable housing.  In the United States, we discard enough paper each year to build a wall 48 feet high around the entire perimeter of the country. Even though about 45 percent of discarded paper is recycled annually, 55 percent or 48 million tons of paper is thrown away or goes into the landfills. Figuring conservatively, it takes about fifteen trees to make a ton of paper. That means that 720 million trees are used once and then buried in a landfill each year.

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