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BioCybernaut Institute - Change your brain waves; change your life

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Participate in something that CEO's of billion-dollar companies, scientists, police officers, Green Berets, pro athletes, artists, office workers, even Zen and Yoga masters use to achieve new levels of peak performance.  People of every age and walk of life experience powerful new bursts of creativity, emotional renewal, and even spiritual epiphanies beyond anything they ever thought themselves capable of.  Men and women suffering the effects of brain aging, memory loss, ADD and ADHD, depression, panic and anxiety disorders, addictions, and even stroke can transform their lives in ways they couldn't even imagine.

Biocybernaut Institute

First Axiom of Biofeedback:  You can learn to control any process in your mind, your brain or your body when you are given immediate and accurate feedback about that processs.

Feedback provides instant awareness of what is working, and what's not working and it allows refinement of technique until you reach mastery.  It's the secret that allowed you to master complex physical movements like going from crawling to walking through sheer "trial and error" when you were an infant.  Yet, the incredible thing is that your brain is accustomed to receiving constant feedback from every part of your body except for itself!  So brain wave feedback is an obvious missing link in your brain's skill set.  Biocybernaut fills in that missing link so your brain can now develop mastery about itself and its skills and abilities.

By introducing feedback right away, brain wave Neurofeedback makes even the most subtle changes in mind state glaringly obvious to anyone, even to people who would normally be completely oblivious to their internal mental processes.



The Biocybernaut Process™


Using a combination of state-of-the-art 8-channel EEG Neurofeedback machines and expert instruction from certified Biocybernaut trainers, this unique 7-day experience is designed to give you the kind of CONTROL over your own brain states that most people never achieve.  With the Biocybernaut Process, you can learn to attain and hold and live in the same brain state as experienced meditators and peak performers in sports and business, known as the "flow state" or simply "The Zone."


In studies and practice with people in over 30+ years of research, the following gains have been demonstrated using The Biocybernaut Process ™.

  • Reversing brain aging – even after onset of senility – by restoring youthful brain wave patterns (results from hundreds of trainees demonstrate that people in their 70s and 80s can be trained to create the brain wave patterns of a 35 or 40 year old!)… Along with creating these youthful brain wave patterns come youthful mind states and youthful behaviors and youthful joy and enthusiasm for life
  • Expanding awareness and intuition…
  • "Thinking smarter" by forging a deeper connection and rapport with the subconscious mind…
  • Accessing attitudes of forgiveness and non-attachment…
  •  Relief from stress, anxiety and depression (We have worked with people in the top 10% of anxiety and found that when they learned to increase Alpha, their anxiety dropped to below average).
  •  Remaining calm and focused under pressure…
  •  Achieving mental and physical "flow" states on command (the latest brain research shows that a "burst" of Alpha brain waves precedes peak performance).
  •  Enhancing creativity.   In a Biocybernaut study scientists from the Stanford Research Institute
    were tested for creativity before and after their Alpha One training.  The participants' creativity
    increased dramatically by an average of 50%.
  • Increase IQ by 11.7 points on average
  •  Building self-esteem and self-confidence…
  • Deepening spiritual awareness and meditation practice…
  • To discover more about how to take the first step toward learning to control your brain waves and thus change your life ….

    For more information, go to the BioCybernaut Institute Webpage at BioCybernaut.Com

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