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12 Interesting Facts About Nail Fungal Infections


Symptoms are denoted by a thickening and discoloration of the nail, eventually transforming the nail into hues of yellow, green, and even black. As the disease progresses, nail beds can become painful and brittle, and they even begin flaking and breaking off altogether. [2] These conditions are generally absent of any significant discomfort unless they have developed into severe issues.

This type of infection is surprisingly common these days, and occurrence often increases with age. According to recent statistics, around 3-5% of the population suffer from some type of nail fungus infection[3] Toenail fungal infections are more prevalent than that of the fingernail yet are largely hidden from view by footwear.

In naturopathic teachings, the appearance of a toenail infection can reveal many things regarding overall health. A nail infection may suggest that the nails are receiving poor blood circulation, being among the last areas of the body to receive fresh blood supply. Issues with nail infections may also indicate immune system dysfunction. [4]

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