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Washington Opened The Gates Of Hell In Iraq: Now Come The Furies

•, By David Stockman
 That is, the notion that if you bomb, drone, invade, desecrate and slaughter?collaterally or otherwise? a people and their lands, they might find ways to return the favor.

But even Johnson could not have imagined the kind of blowback coming ferociously Washington's way now. Namely, the mayhem being visited on much of Iraq by American tanks, armored personnel carriers, heavy artillery, anti-aircraft batteries and other advanced weaponry that has fallen into the hands of the very jihadist radicals that have been the ostensible target of Washington's entire multi-trillion "war on terrorism".

No question about it. The ISIS terrorists are winning against the hapless Iraqi military and even the formidable Kurdish peshmerga fighters?using some of the most lethal arms that the US military-industrial complex could concoct.

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