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Mr Nystrom, I owe you a huge Thank You.

•, ATruepatriot
 "Hey! this is Charles, I'm not far away and coming by!". So, sporting a slight hangover I asked "Who"??? Lol. Turns out it was my four year DP buddy Charles Wood from Nevada.

Charles was the delegate chair from his county during the Ron Paul 2012 run. All the delegate votes from his county went to Ron Paul. Charles worked his butt off to make this happen. Some may remember that later the establishment GOP tried to rip off Nevada during the Caucus.

My wife and I had a great time catching up with Charles, It was a meet up long over due for all of us. Charles and I had talked many times at length by phone over the years, both threatening to visit each other at some point.

Charles turned out to be REAL and it was a privilege to kick around with him for part of a day. We went and checked the washes that recently flooded the night before in the "Bugout Bug". Curious how much water actually ran, This much water is a BIG DEAL in the desert.

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