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12 Facts About Switzerland That Will Blow Your Mind


1. If it starts heavily snowing during nighttime, there will be so much snow that it will completely cover the roads and make it nearly impossible to drive. But you can bet the roads will always be cleaned by 8 in the morning.

2. In case of nuclear war the Swiss have bunkers capable of fitting 100% of country's population.

3. In case of war their highways can be converted into landing/takeoff runways by quickly removing the grade separations.

4. Swiss army pilots never go to supersonic speeds during their training. Because Switzerland is so small, it's impossible not to violate the border of another country while flying so fast. According to my Swiss friend, "Regarding the supersonic flights, they now have an agreement with France that allows them to fly into France and back in order to go supersonic."

5. In Lausanne, to optimize taxation on garbage collection, they standardized their bin bags and included the tax in the price. If you throw out more stuff, you pay more. And apparently, if you're not using the bins to throw your daily leftovers out, you might get in trouble.

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