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Officials Claim Terrorists Stole Missing Airplanes

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More than a dozen years passed since 9/11 and now, some US officials are sending out some rather ominous warnings about another potential similar attack. Nearly a dozen airplanes recently turned up missing, stolen by terrorists in Libya. The Islamist militants heisted the aircraft by force, posting pictures of their prizes online. Most international diplomats have long since fled Libya, afraid that the deteriorating situation put them in harm's way. Now, many of those same officials are telling reporters to look out for another terrorist attack from above. This upcoming September 11 also marks the two-year anniversary of the Benghazi attacks. While these new owners of the airplanes are NOT the same people who overran the US Embassy, they are another spinoff group of al-Qaeda. Moroccan military experts believe the missing planes would up in the hands of ISIS, specifically a group that calls themselves the Masked Men Brigade. Several Islamic State threats targeting oilfields, s

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