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ISIS Insurgents Threatening U.S. Border

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For months now, one of the top stories worldwide has been the Islamic State seizing huge portions of Iraq and Syria. Now, their revolt is flexing it's way into neighboring Lebanon. The Sunni military group ISIS is known in the middle east for their extreme Islamic beliefs, beheading and crucifying anyone who stands in their way. They've systematically taken control of governments on local levels. ISIS is operating banks, schools, energy and water supply, mosques and even TV and radio stations. ISIS doesn't plan to stop there. In fact, they said they plan to raise the flag of Allah in the White House. At first, that threat sounded distant and highly unlikely. But now, a new report from the Judicial Watch says there is a group of ISIS insurgents gathering in Juarez Mexico, about 8 miles from El Paso Texas and the United States southern border. There just so happens to be a US Army Base in El Paso, Fort Bliss. Lieutenant Colonel Lee Peters is the primary spokesman at For

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