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Word from Industrial Supply Rep regarding Ebola



Talked with a rep today who deals with hospitals all around the Western Pa region and he stated that if you are not prepared for isolation, you will be when it happens.
Hospitals, Schools and large businesses are meeting behind closed doors discussing how they should prepare for possible quarantine.

He said that most in the Gov't are freaking out because the spread to this country could be a lot higher in a quicker fashion than what's taking place in Africa right now because we don't have enough procedures in place to make the public fully aware of how bad the situation is.
Over the next few days/21 he said that it would be a surprised to see at least 1 person in nearly 20 states be verified infected.

He was told by hospital higher ups who are buying from him that they are stocking up for a quarantine scenario that could last 3 to 6 months. The person at the hospital specifically told him if he does not have 3 months of supplies on hand, a weapon (gun) and the ability to lock down the house with bleach and air tight plastic, you will be screwed.

He was also told, given the situation even if you are not infected, you could still be put into a quarantine restricted area. Meaning, say your child goes to school and is in 1st grade but a 6th grader becomes infected, even though your child has never been in contact, you will be considered high risk and put into lock down in your house. If you leave, you'll be arrested. Someone from DHS or CDC will mark your house to let people know that you are inside and under quarantine.

Sounds too far to be true but I don't know why this guy would bs me, I've known him for years and he was telling me to basically go out this weekend and get the stuff I need to make sure that if it comes to this, I'm protected.  Take it for what it's worth. I guess the take away is, be prepared. more at url

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