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CDC's Failing Attempts to Quell Ebola Fears Could Lead to Mass Breakdowns


Their main objectives are to treat the infected patient, isolate those who came in contact with him, and to stifle the potential for any mass hysteria within the public.

Why You're On a "Need to Know Basis" With the CDC

It seems the CDC has not been very forthcoming on providing pertinent up-to-date Ebola information to the public, leading many to believe we are on a "need to know" basis. They have even gone so far as to change Ebola transmission pages on their CDC website. The headlines are running rampant with contradicting information that experts and the CDC has provided, thus leading to even more mistrust in those handling this complex issue.

What the CDC has failed to realize is with the right information, they can equip the public with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision; and one that will reduce the risk of Ebola spreading throughout a community. To give this emergency organization credit, they have the best of intentions, but the difficulty lies in their ability to apply theory to large-scale population densities.

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