Can ISIS Be Beaten?

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Countries all over the world are setting the stage for an international coalition against the Islamic State. At last count, nearly FORTY countries are signing their names to the dotted line, promising some measure of military or political action against ISIS. Some are promising to send money, some are vowing financial aid and many others say they would even go so far to send ground troops into Iraq and Syria. And yet, CURRENT Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday, right now, the US is NOT looking to recruit ground troops from any other countries. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul criticizes Obama on this point, saying the Commander in Chief is stuck in pause, surprised that yet another war zone is breaking out in the Middle East. The answer is simple. Barack Obama staged his entire presidential campaign on one promise: ending the war in Iraq. Now, he's on the verge of launching another full-blown war in that same country, AND the one next door.

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