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Documenting the Next Generation of Drone Pilots

•, By Tom Breakwell

Back then, flying death machines that kill innocent people were a lot of laughs. Nowadays, it's unlikely the president's joke would get the same response. The Obama administration has launched eight times more drone attacks in the past five years than Bush did throughout his entire presidency, the deaths of civilians in drone strikes are frequently publicized, and in late 2012 the world became aware of "double taps," which involve two attacks in quick succession, ensuring the slaughter of friends and family trying to rescue their loved ones from the bomb site.

DRONE, a new documentary by director Tonje Hessen Schei, focuses on the people piloting these aerial assassins. In the film, she looks at how pilots are being recruited via video games and investigates the relationship between the military and the entertainment industry. I caught up with her recently for a chat.

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