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Naomi Wolf questions Veracity of IsIs 'Beheadings' & Obola's AFRICOM 'fighting'

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Once again to clarify. The reason I ask that media check and confirm a story like the series of videotaped beheadings of aid workers and journalists is that that is what journalists are supposed to do. It is sad and baffling to me that my post below reminding journalists to get two sources confirming information before they run stories repeating government talking points, is being interpreted as "a conspiracy theory." It used to be called journalism till about two years ago (when the NDAA allowed propaganda to be aimed at Americans in the news). It may well be that every one of these videos is confirmed and accurate. But that has not happened yet. There are journalistic red flags in this story from the fact that SITE, which is run by an anti-Muslim activist with half a million dollars in US funding in 2004, is the sole source for some of them, to the fact that when we here reported out a 'journalist taken hostage' story about two weeks ago -- remember the purported Montreal-based female foreign correspondent 'taken hostage" in Syria?

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