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Who is the Khorasan Group?

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The lethal airstrikes pummeling Syria and Iraq are controversial enough as it is. Not only is this a continuation of the failed Iraq War, but NOW the US Military is engaging in a deadly civil war, in a country that has a reigning sovereign government. The very instant US warplanes raced into Syrian airspace, the Pentagon said they went in two different directions. For weeks, Obama had been telling Americans he wanted to cross into Syria to attack the Islamic State militia, but instead, they also fired at a small cell of al-Qaeda linked terrorists they're now calling "The Khorasan Group." Since then, some writers and publications have gone head over heels writing fear-driven articles about this newfound frightening enemy. In fact, writer Matthew Levitt wrote an article on Politico.Com and didn't even hide his fear tactics: The title: The Khorasan Group Should Scare Us. It got us wondering, who is the Khorasan group and why are we just now hearing about them? It turns

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