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Are the Mormons making moves?!


Has anyone heard of the LDS making moves in terms of their preparedness/survival aspect?

There is a prominent family in my neighborhood that seemed to be cutting-out in a hurry a couple days ago. Mini-van packed to the hilt w/luggage for just the two of them (older couple, kids out).

Didn't really think anything of it until later.(they seemed sort of flustered and in a hurry… dude is a professor at the local U here and the term just started, strange time to be leaving town for a big weekend?)

I means crap, they advertise their underground cities!
 We've got underground tunnels.

Everyone knows the Church has all sorts of underground tunnels in Salt Lake City. Let's hope they've got a few more around the world because we're going to need them when zombies take over the surface. It won't be so bad living underground. If Katniss Everdeen can do it, so can we!

Later that night, it entered my head- "is this a sign"??

Probably just paranoid…   more at url

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