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Consider Not Getting the Flu Shot This Year: Build Your Immune System Instead


"If were are going to take care of our immune system we have to stop polluting it with sugar, GMOs, unfiltered water, and processed carbohydrates. I recommend eating a Paleolithic diet", says Dr. Buckley.

The movement to resist vaccine pressure is growing as people begin to distrust mainstream medical journals and Western allopathic medicine in general. Many individuals have discovered the power of their own body when it comes to fighting off illness.

In addition to dietary changes, Dr. Buckley recommends supplementing with vitamin D, "Additionally I would recommend optimizing your vitamin D levels, as studies have shown that vitamin D is at least 3 times more effective than a flu vaccine."

Ultimately, no one wants to get the flu. While some believe getting the shot will prevent this from happening, many studies show that building your own immune system may be your body's best defense against illness this flu season.

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