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Pentagon Orders Secret Weapons

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Throughout history, institutions and governments all over the world have gone to great lengths to cover something up. It's not a new tactic. When you look to years past, you see agencies, governments, and politicians, working behind the scenes to control the message in order to preserve self image. When news of a government cover up hits the fan, these days, it's hardly a surprise. It's almost expected. Any workplace or social poll puts a politician as one of the least-liked, least-trusted occupations. Well, now you can add another story to the pile. During a criminal weapons investigation, guess who started popping up in the court records? The Pentagon. According to the Washington Post, a secret branch of the Pentagon, responsible for pulling off covert operations, got wrapped up in an illegal weapons buying scandal. A Navy intelligence officer and his mechanic brother were allegedly conspiring to sell untraceable silencers for automatic rifles. The purchase order ca

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