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Iraqi General Confession: How Mosul Really Fell

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How can 500 rogue jihad fighters take a city from the hands of 30 thousand American trained soldiers in just three short days? That seems to be the question plaguing the Pentagon after ISIS stormed Mosul, taking Iraq's second largest city as their own, earlier this summer. Now, the Islamic State continues to march their way across Iraq and Syria, taking control of large portions of the country with every passing day. Mosul used to be the most important strategic city in Iraq. Former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki relied on Mosul for reinforcements, weapons and a gateway to policing the rest of the country. But when Mosul fell, the floodgates were open. In just two days, ISIS fighters killed or captured thousands of Iraqi soldiers, continued to seize control of FOUR different Iraqi military divisions, it eventually led to driving Maliki out of office in Baghdad, and the surge resulted in Western and Arab countries launching airstrikes in two countries. Instead of facing death

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