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The Putin Bullet Points (Dialogue Just Ending)


In order of presentation, you would start at the bottom.
#PUTIN hopes gas dispute with Ukraine will be resolved next week, vows to adhere to Russia's commitments to its gas customers in Europe
#PUTIN: Core strategic interests of Russians, Americans coincide in many ways, it should be used as basis for relations between 2 countries
#PUTIN said #US widespread interference, dictatorship lead to escalation of conflicts
#PUTIN: I don't think US poses threat to Russia
#PUTIN said #US unable to handle unipolar world
#PUTIN: There is still chance to settle Ukrainian crisis through talks, but use of force could deadlock the situation
#PUTIN said 'national sovereignty' concept became rather relative, lost significance
#PUTIN said modern global, regional security system seriously fragmented, deformed
#PUTIN: Ukrainian crisis is result of unbalanced international relations, not the origin of conflicts
#PUTIN: Global policy needs to avoid thoughtless steps or hope for peace becomes illusion, shocks are threshold to collapse of World order
#PUTIN: Russia is not seeking an exclusive place in the world, we simply want our interests be noted and respected
#PUTIN:Russia & West should jointly solve global problems,cooperation on Iran's nuclear program and Syrian chemical weapons shows it's possible
#PUTIN on Ukraine crisis: Moscow held discussion, but no one listened and ran the country into a coup and cast it into a civil war
#PUTIN: Global players could restore effectivness of the system of international insitutions if they have political will

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