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Associated Press announced a media blackout on Ebola coverage


Well, more of a "brownout." This came across last week, and it explains the lull in news between the nurses and the NYC doctor being infected.
"We're increasingly hearing reports of "suspected" cases of Ebola in the United States and Europe. (..) Our bureaus monitor them, but we have not been moving stories or imagery simply because a doctor suspects Ebola and routine precautions are taken while the patient is tested."
Guess the sheep were getting too spooked. Also, it's pretty close to voting day. The stock market had been getting rocked pretty hard. Can't have people not buying more iThingies, eh? On the positive side, by reducing the coverage, they won't be causing needless panic. On the negative side, you may or may be hearing about a potential case of Ebola in your back yard. Stay sharp.    more at url

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