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How Much is Silver Worth? The Price of Silver & Gold Yesterday & Today


As the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar decreases by the year, investors are turning to precious metals. The public has not yet figured out that the dollar's devaluation is ongoing and that holding physical precious metals rather than cash is an effective way of protecting their purchasing power over time. Grasping the concept of dollar devaluation is difficult for many. One of the most effective methods used to illuminate this concept is through illustrations. We at Money Metals Exchange decided to use a $100 gold/silver investment from 1971 and convert the value into its worth today.

How Much is Gold Worth?

If you had purchased $100 in gold in 1971, it would be worth over $3,040 in today's dollars. Let's explore exactly how much your gold investment would be worth in terms of individual purchases. Today, $3,040 would buy you 2 60" LED Smart 3D HDTVs, 6 plane tickets to the Bahamas, a paid sports package for 30 years, or you could pay your annual electric bill not once, but twice.

The purchasing power of your 1971 dollars not only maintained itself, it increased. But if you had left your $100 in cash, you would still have only $100 in cash, which today only retains about 17% of its former value (even when using the U.S. government's understated inflation numbers).

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