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Latest news on Galt's Gulch Chile, from Jeff Berwick

•, by Jeff Berwick

While I had announced that these issues did not mean Galt's Gulch Chile itself was a fraud, nor that it was a dead project, many people took it that way and for more than a month both I and all the buyers and investors at GGC were pounded with vitriol. Some of the pro-liberty media and commenters called us frauds, suckers or, at best, having given libertarianism a black eye. And the anti-liberty media had a hayday proclaiming that "this is what happens when libertarians try to create a libertarian project". was the most egregious, salivating at the thought that a massive project based on libertarian ideals would have major problems.

Lost in the mix was the truth. As I stated in August, at the end of my article, "This will come to a resolution one way or another. This is not the last you will hear about Galt's Gulch Chile."

That happened last week when after a few months of due dilligence, research and planning, what was for all intents and purposes a libertarian SWAT team descended upon Galt's Gulch Chile to take it back from Ken Johnson who was the one and only focal point of failure and fraud.

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