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Samsung Introduces Virtual Reality Smartphone You Wear On Your Head


Virtual reality—almost as good as actual reality, but without those pesky smells. Okay, that may not be quite Samsung's message, but the company is making a hard push for VR with two announcements out of its 2014 developer conference.

The first is that its Gear VR headset, announced earlier this year, will ship in early December. Developed in partnership with virtual-reality-headset darling (and pending Facebook acquisition) Oculus, the Gear VR connects to Samsung's Galaxy Note 4, which the company says creates "an entirely new mobile category."

Marketing hyperbole off the starboard bow! First of all, the Gear VR—which will be sold for an unspecified price—uses the Galaxy Note 4's 5.7-inch high-res screen for its VR capabilities, requiring you to actually snap the smartphone into the headset. That's all well and good, but as soon as you upgrade your phone the Gear VR seems like it'll just be another piece of expensive plastic that no longer fits the latest and greatest.

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