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HTC's Uh Oh program lets you replace your broken One M9 for free

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If something goes wrong with your smartphone, most manufacturers will cover it for factory defects for a limited time. But what about accidents? Well, if you weren't already paying for an extra (and expensive) accidental damage warranty, then you're probably stuck paying for a new phone. HTC wants to change that with its new Uh Oh program for the One M9.

HTC's Uh Oh program is one of the most aggressive mobile warranties we've seen. If you buy the One M9 and you crack its screen or inflict some water damage on it within the first year, HTC will replace your phone for free (limited to a one-time replacement). If you switch carriers, HTC will even let you use that one Uh Oh replacement to swap for a new M9 that runs on your new carrier.

What if that year passes and you haven't needed any replacements? In that case, HTC will give you US$100 credit to put towards a new HTC One phone (just in time, perhaps, for the One M10).

Redeeming the replacement sounds fairly hassle-free. After breaking your phone or switching carriers, you contact HTC's customer support (via phone or chat). Then you can either put a temporary $299 hold on your credit card and receive your replacement the next business day (and only then send back your old one) ... or you can send the old one back in a prepaid envelope and receive your new One within two days of HTC receiving the original (no credit card hold if you use that method).

The One M9 iterates on the stunning design that we saw with the last two HTC One flagships

The Uh Oh program is included with all HTC One M9 (above) purchases – no separate warranty purchases necessary. The company is also extending it to One M8 purchases, as long as you buy it from an authorized retailer and do so after the M9 launches (that exact date hasn't been announced yet).