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Company Plans To Build $50 Billion Supercomputer In New Mexico, Boosting Block Chain Processing


Exascale Power Co., a Portland, Ore.-based company, plans to build a supercomputer in New Mexico that will boost the power of the block chain processing infrastructure. The "One ExaFlop" system will bring parity with the computational power of machine systems and the human brain, allowing for the dawn of a new era of true artificial intelligence, the company claims.

Phase two will be a "One Zettaflop" supercomputer, which is one thousand times larger than the Exaflop system.

"Our mission is to build large data centers with wholesale power contracts for economies of scale, allowing us to provide competitively-priced commodity cloud computing services to improve the human condition," John Fitzpatrick, CEO of Exascale Power Co, told CCN.

Competitive pricing for cloud computing

The primary purpose of each system is to offer competitively-priced commodity cloud computing services to industry. Economies of scale will allow Exascale to price lower than Amazon, Google, Microsoft and all others per CPU hour, Fitzpatrick said.

The secondary purpose of each system is to accelerate computational research in medicine to cure diseases, and energy research to develop clean, cheap fusion power to improve the human condition.

The tertiary purpose of each system is to scale Bitcoin block chain processing for wider adoption in the global financial system, Fitzpatrick said.

"We will have ready access to nearly the entire electrical grid in the United States, and we will get the very best price at any moment in time as a volume buyer of power," said Fitzpatrick noting that New Mexico is at the intersection of the three major power grids in the U.S.

The Exascale power system architecture includes Mellanox Infiniband fiber, Nvidia chipsets, IBM open source power PC chips and custom ASICS chips for block chain processing.

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