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NAU Reborn As 'North American Climate, Clean Energy And Environment Partnership'


In a desperate attempt to establish a global Technocracy before people rise up and stop them cold in their tracks, the global elite are making a renewed push to resuscitate and establish the North American Union that was attempted under George Bush in 2005-6.

President Obama met this week with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to form a new 'Partnership Action Plan' modeled after Obama's radical Clean Energy Plan.

According to the Leaders Statement,

"Our actions to align climate and energy policies will protect human health and help level the playing field for our businesses, households, and workers.  In recognition of our close ties and shared vision, we commit today to an ambitious and enduring North American Climate, Clean Energy, and Environment Partnership that sets us firmly on the path to a more sustainable future." [Emphasis added]

It is clear that the basic objectives from 2005 remain the same: integrate and harmonize the three nations for the sake of businesses, households and workers.

This writer produced several authoritative papers in 2005/2006 that refuted the North American Union and the so-called "Security and Prosperity Partnership". In Toward A North American Union, I explained full history of the Agreements and events leading up to that historic rejection that forced the closure of the SPP website and total abandonment of the agenda.

In 2006, the "Three Amigos" were George Bush, Vincente Fox and Stephen Harper. Today, they are Obama, Nieto and Trudeau. Same agenda, different faces.

This new Partnership is also notably paired with the 1992 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), as it 'liberalizes' rules of origin for many products, including steel and agricultural products. Transportation of freight is also addressed by pledging to bring "world-class ultra low-sulphur diesel fuel and heavy-duty vehicle standards".

The more things change, the more they stay the same. We can only hope the outcry from Americans, Canadians and Mexicans will shut down this current effort to create a super-state of the North American Union.

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