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Anonymous Releases 2017 Warning: "We Must Unite And Take Action."


Anonymous has been behind a slew of online activist pranks that attack everyone from bloggers with poisonous ideas about women and rape to global banks that control the wealth of the entire world and use their power for evil. As their popularity grows, so does the amount of people actually listening to their words of advice and heeding their warnings, whether they're normal citizens wanting to make a difference or world leaders attempting to avoid their doxxes.

The group is compiled of anonymous hacktivists who use their technological skills to shut down sites, release private information of less than favorable people, and employ countless other tactics to disrupt the lives and organizations that seek to take advantage of citizens.

When paired with WikiLeaks, a site that releases documents that reveal corruption in government institutions, leaders, and banks, these hacktivist efforts have mobilized millions of people against the corruption that is exposed.

With surprising and less-than-satisfactory election results in the United States this year, Anonymous has grown and doubled down on their intentions for the coming year. They released a video on Christmas day that captured the essence of their movement and explained how their followers are expected to behave and react if they want to see change in the way the world is run.

Among their most powerful points were when they said this,

"Yes, it is time for a New World Order, but it is a New World Order of the people, not the government. Gone are the times you can sit and watch from the sidelines. Gone are the times you could live in ignorance. Now is the time to fight. We have the tools to build a whole new system where corruption will be wiped clean, leaders will have the best interests of the people, and you, the West, will have your first taste of true freedom. It is not too late to act, but time is short. Living behind closed eyes is not an option anymore…We must unite, and we must take action."

The New World Order is a theory many have that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda seeks to control the entire world in a totalitarian government. There are numerous theories about how an elite would go about doing this, but the disturbing truth is that there are a number of secretive operations underway between governments that citizens will never know about. While some theories are more credible than others, the concern of a changing power dynamic and a need for information is real and must be taken seriously.

Anonymous ended their video message by reminding leaders behind these destructive schemes that Anonymous will be there whenever some part of their operation falters or is exposed. They said,

"To those who would silence our voices: Anonymous knows who and what you are. Anonymous has always known. Anonymous is not so easily brainwashed by television and celebrities and we will be there when you fall. When you are finally exposed for the monsters you really are, we will be there…. When generations of secret scheming, planning, and conspiring are burnt to ash and buried, we will be there. When you realize you have failed, we will be there. You are no match for us. You never were."

Watch the full video below.


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