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America- A Victim of War By Pastor Butch Paugh

• Pastor Butch Paugh P.P.P.


America- A Victim of War
By Pastor Butch Paugh

     War is very seldom a just and righteous means to settle disputes between nations or any other factions.  As Major General Smedley Butler so clearly stated, "War is a racket".  Any war, whether truly needed or not, is always brought to be by someone's desire for power, wealth or dominance. It's usually all three.  It is impossible in the initial confrontation for both sides to be in the right and it is entirely possible that both sides are involved for unrighteous reasons.  In all the wars and conflicts that have taken place on earth since the beginning of Creation, all of them have shaped the course of history in some manner. And because we serve a sovereign God, I know that He does decide the final outcome and future consequence of all wars.
      When war does occur, have all the participants on either side been totally noble and virtuous in their desires?  Even in what, I believe, was a needed and just war with a noble goal in mind, America's War for Independence, it is a known and accepted fact of history that many leaders and decision makers on the side of liberty were desirous mostly of personal gain.  The same could be said about America's second war for independence and liberty, the war of Northern Aggression – commonly referred to as the "Civil War".
     So, I suppose the question, then, that begs to be answered is this, "When is war or violence ever needed and/or justified?"  Does history hold any evidence that we can use to guide us in future encounters?  Is it possible that there are "powers" that have desired to control mankind and the wealth of the world since Creation that could have deceived the nations into unjust wars to their own advantage?  If this is even remotely possible, wouldn't it behoove us to know? 
   One of the more virtuous men that played a huge role in the founding of our nation, Patrick Henry said, "I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.  I know of no way of judging the future but by the past".  My friends we must learn to know where we are in time by triangulating our present from three perspectives.  Number one, the Word of God, number two, history and number three, current events.  By knowing and understanding these three guidelines, we should be able not to keep repeating the same disastrous mistakes over and over again.
     Contrary to the modern Christian belief, the Bible is not an instruction book on how to become a pacifist.  The scriptures are replete with God-ordained wars.  It is beyond question that the scriptures are a guideline for peaceful relations between individuals and nations, but it is also a book that recognized man's tendency to lawlessness, and thus it sets forth strict and sometimes harsh guidelines for "keeping" the peace and punishing evil doers individually and nationally.  In Exodus 15:3, it says "The Lord is a man of war.  The Lord is His name."  In Jer. 51:20 His people are called His battle ax and weapons of war.  It is not the purpose of this article to persuade or convince anyone that we should or should not justify violence as a viable action against evil.  But Christ Himself became very violent when needed!  (John 2:14-17) Other scriptures that will show a sincere student of truth that Christ was not a pacifist nor taught others to be are plentiful in His word.  Here are a few:  Mt. 10:34-36—Luke 22:36—I Tim. 5:8—John 18:10-11—Rev. 1:16, 2:16, 6:8, 13:13, 19:15, and 19:21.  When the circumstances require it, a violent response is a righteous act.  We must, however, be certain that the actions of others leave no other alternative to us.  That is our duty to God and mankind.  As Christians, we are accountable and required by God to be the light and salt of the world.  We ought to be able to see beyond the deception of man and his evil trickery.  (Mt. 5:13-16, II Cor. 2:11).
     Wars throughout history are rarely truly justified.  The masses have always been very susceptible to one of Satan's and his minions' oldest devices: to get mankind to willingly offer themselves, their children and wealth to a cause they "believed" to be righteous and worth the "cost".  Through lies, deceptions, false flag attacks and a shallow pride in a false and blind patriotism, it has killed untold millions of willing and ignorant youth in unrighteous and totally unneeded wars.  Except of course, they filled the pocket of the "elite" with unimaginable wealth and power.  And enabled the "money changers" to "guide" the people (chattel) to where they wished them to go.  You may ask how I know this.  Because I too, was guided by the same "power" that by force of bogus law, enticed me, coerced me and threatened me into war.  After all, we were told, it was to save our nation and protect our freedoms and way of life.  It was to stop the spread of communism around the world.  Oh how easily deceived and destroyed are an ignorant and foolish people!  (Hos 4:6-7)
     There is no doubt that war has its "benefits" for the masses.  It causes a temporary prosperity and coming together of a nation, false patriotism.  We are not going to discuss further these so called benefits, because any one who has even a shred of understanding will know that the cost of war far outweighs any of these benefits.
     As we continue this brief expose' please allow me to make one comment.  If you are fortunate enough to see the truth behind America's (Babylon's) imperialistic tendencies, please do not blame the ones wearing the uniforms.  I am speaking from experience.  These people truly believe that they are serving and dying for a "sacred" cause.  Please pray for their safe and immediate return home and that their eyes, too, shall be opened.  
     Now let's take a look at our most recent wars and find out if we were lied to and deceived into fighting, losing many innocent on both sides.  Please do not take my word for what I am about to show you, perhaps for the first time.  Look for yourself, and then help us expose the evil behind it!  (Eph. 5:11)  After you know the truth behind how we were conned into two world wars and many "police" actions since then, you will probably wish to look deeper into the past and into our present day conflicts.  You will be shocked and angered!  Praise God!
The War to End All Wars: World War I

     History books record that WWI was started when the nations went to war to avenge the assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the heir to the Habsburg Throne, on June 28, 1914.  This has been proven to be an outright lie.  Why would America want to get involved in a war because a leader of another nation was assassinated?  Stupid huh?  Yet we have been taught and have accepted this lie for about a century.  Yep, we're "naïve'".
     America, up until this time, had heeded the wise words of George Washington given in his farewell address on Sept. 17, 1796.  "It is our policy to steer clear of "permanent" alliance with any portion of the foreign world…Why, by interweaving our "destiny" with that of any part of Europe entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor or caprice."
     The desire and effort to involve America in this war started long before the assassination of the Archduke.  Norman Dodd, former director of the Committee to Investigate Tax Exempt Foundations of the U.S. House of Representatives, testified that the committee was invited to study the minutes of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace as part of the Committee's investigation.  The Committee stated, "The trustees of the Foundation brought up a single question. (Read carefully.)  If it is desirable to alter the lives of an entire people, is there any means more efficient than war?   They discussed this question . . . for a year and came up with an answer:  "There are no means more efficient than war, assuming the objective is altering the life of an entire people".  Pretty clear huh?  So how did they deceive us into this "elite" war?
     Folks, I am not going to go into great detail here.  Please examine the truth for yourself.  But here are a few of the "main" players who we now call heroes:  Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and President Woodrow Wilson, who campaigned on a promise that America would not get involved in the war.  He lied.  Imagine that!  Interestingly, Roosevelt, an outright socialist, did acknowledge in a letter to Colonel Edward Mandell House (President Wilson's handler) that:  "The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson. . . ."
     The next step in the maneuvering of the United States into the war came when the Cunard Lines, owner of the ocean liner, the Lusitania, turned the ship over to the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill. It now became a ship of the English Navy and was under the control of the English government.
     The ship was sent to New York City where it was loaded with six million rounds of ammunition, owned by J.P. Morgan & Co., to be sold to England and France to aid in their war against Germany.
     It was known that the very wealthy were interested in involving the American government in that war, and Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan was one who made note of this. "As Secretary [Bryan] had anticipated, the large banking interests were deeply interested in the World War because of wide opportunities for large profits. On August 3, 1914, even before the actual clash of arms, the French firm of Rothschild Freres cabled to Morgan and Company in New York suggesting the flotation of a loan of $100,000,000, a substantial part of which was to be left in the United States, to pay for French purchases of American goods."
     England broke the German war code on December 14, 1914, so that "By the end of January, 1915, [British Intelligence was] able to advise the Admiralty of the departure of each U-boat as it left for patrol...."
     This meant that the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, knew where every U-boat was in the vicinity of the English Channel that separated England and France.
     The ocean liner was set to sail to England already at war with Germany.  The German government had placed advertisements in the New York newspapers warning the American people considering whether or not to sail with the ship to England that they would be sailing into a war zone, and that the liner could be sunk.
     Secretary Bryan promised that "he would endeavor to persuade the President (Woodrow Wilson) publicly to warn the Americans not to travel [aboard the Lusitania]. No such warning was issued by the President, but there can be no doubt that President Wilson was told of the character of the cargo destined for the Lusitania. He did nothing...."
     Even though Wilson proclaimed America's neutrality in the European War, in accordance with the prior admonitions of George Washington, his government was secretly plotting to involve the American people by having the Lusitania sunk. This was made public in the book The Intimate Papers of Colonel House, written by a supporter of the Colonel, who recorded a conversation between Colonel House and Sir Edward Grey of England, the Foreign Secretary of England:
Grey:  What will America do if the Germans sink an ocean liner with American passengers n board?
House:  I believe that a flame of indignation would sweep the United States and that by itself would be sufficient to carry us into the war.
     On May 7, 1915, the Lusitania was sunk off the coast of County Cork, Ireland by a U-boat after it had slowed to await the arrival of the English escort vessel, the Juno, which was intended to escort it into the English port.  The First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, issued orders that the Juno was to return to port, and the Lusitania sat alone in the channel.  Because Churchill knew of the presence of three U-boats in the vicinity, it is reasonable to presume that he had planned for the Lusitania to be sunk, and it was. 1201 people lost their lives in the sinking.
     This sinking has been described by Colin Simpson, the author of a book entitled The Lusitania, as "the foulest act of willful murder ever committed on the seas."
     At that time, the event was not enough to enable President Wilson to declare war against the German government, and the conspirators changed tactics. They would use other means to get the American people involved in the war, as the "flame of indignation" did not sweep the United States as had been planned.  
    Robert Lansing, the Assistant Secretary of State, is on record as stating: "We must educate the public gradually — draw it along to the point where it will be willing to go into the war."
     After the sinking of the Lusitania, two inquiries were held, one by the English government, in June, 1915, and one by the American government in 1918.  Mr. Simpson has written that "Both sets of archives... contain meager information. There are substantial differences of fact in the two sets of papers and in many cases it is difficult to accept that the files relate to the same vessel."
    But in both inquiries, the conclusions were the same: torpedoes, and not exploding ammunition, sank the Lusitania, because there was no ammunition aboard. The cover-up was now official.
     But there have been critics of these inquiries. One was, of course, the book written by Colin Simpson, who did the research necessary to write his book in the original minutes of the two inquiries.
   The Los Angeles Times reviewed Mr. Simpson's book and concluded: "The Lusitania proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the British government connived at the sinking of the passenger ship in order to lure America into World War I. The Germans, whose torpedo struck the liner, were the unwitting accomplices or victims of a plot probably concocted by Winston Churchill."
     Enough said about the war to end all wars.  I suppose it was sufficient until another one was needed to further guide and enslave the nations!
The total number of casualties in World War I, both military and civilian, was about 37 million: 16 million deaths and 21 million wounded. The total number of deaths includes 9.7 million military personnel and about 6.8 million civilians. The Entente Powers (also known as the Allies) lost 5.7 million soldiers and the Central Powers about 4 million…

World War II

This generation of Americans is called the greatest generation of all.  Although I don't know why.  My dad is a decorated and wounded WWII Veteran and I certainly honor and respect him.  He is now 86 years old and will always be a hero to me.  Not because he is a WWII Veteran, but because he is a man of Christian character, who has always, to the best of his understanding and abilities, lived by his convictions.  I thank God for him everyday.  He helped mold me into the man I am.  It hurts to see the truth, at times, when you have been one of the deceived, but it is much preferred over continuing to be deceived.  Not only for our sakes, but for the sake of our posterity.  
     In order to make this writing as brief as possible, we will not go into great detail as to how both Russia and Germany invaded Poland on Sept. 1, 1939, the day we are told the war started.  France and Britain immediately declared war on Germany, but not Russia.  Curious huh?  The atrocities of Russia on Poland were manifold.  
     It is also a known fact that America funded and supplied Germany's war machinery.  And that IBM helped "tag" the Jews and millions of other innocent people who are very seldom even mentioned.  Former President George Walker Bush's grandfather played a huge role in supporting Hitler's regime'.  Oh, how much our ignorance has cost us!
     Much maneuvering was done by another lying President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who campaigned for his second term declaring that he would not get America involved in another war.  Oh, that we had eyes to see that we cannot trust mankind nor his governments. (Jer. 17:5) Continual vigilance is needed to preserve liberty!
     Roosevelt immediately went to work to find a method to provoke Germany or Japan into an act of aggression against the U.S. Both very carefully and cautiously tried to avoid such an incident.  Eventually, through years of deceit, provocation and enticement, Roosevelt and his "crew" succeeded.  Pearl Harbor was caused to happen.  The American people did not want war, so their "handlers" had to deceive them into a false sense of patriotism.  It worked again!  A wise man once said, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
     Here are a few facts:  In March 1941, President Roosevelt was still hoping for an incident involving the United States and Germany, according to Harold Ickes, Roosevelt's Secretary of the Interior. He reported: "At dinner on March 24, he [Roosevelt] remarked that 'things are coming to a head; Germany will be making a blunder soon.' There could be no doubt of the President's concealed desire that there might be an incident which would justify our declaring a state of war against Germany...."
     Roosevelt and Churchill had conspired together to incite an incident to allow America's entry into the war. According to Churchill: 
•    The President had said that he would wage war but not declare it, and that he 
      would become more and more provocative. If the Germans did not like it, 
      they could attack American forces.
•    The United States Navy was taking over the convoy route to Iceland.
•    The President's orders to these escorts were to attack any U-boat which 
       showed itself, even if it were two or three hundred miles away from the 
     Everything was to be done to force "an incident".
     However, Roosevelt was unable to entice Germany into his trap, so for the moment both Germany and the American people were safe.  Unfortunately this was short lived.  Japan took the bait.
     After being harassed by America's embargo on Japan through the use of other countries, Roosevelt was finally able to bring about an incident that was large enough for him to finally get his "declared" war.  Behind the scenes he had been secretly staging an undeclared war so the American "sheeple" would not stand in a righteous revolution!
     Roosevelt knew that an attack on Pearl Harbor was soon to happen!  His administration craved war!  Several sources naively tried to warn Roosevelt.  After realizing that Roosevelt was desirous of the killing of millions of innocent people on all sides for the good of the elite, they tried to wake the American "trusting" people, but to no avail.  Congressman Martin Dies was one of many voices trying to awake the America people.
     On November 25, 1941, the day that the Japanese fleet sailed for Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt convened a meeting of the various Cabinet officers: Secretaries Stimson, Knox, Marshall and Admiral Harold R. Stark, Chief of Naval Operations. According to Stimson's testimony: "The President brought up the event that we were likely to be attacked perhaps [as soon as] next Monday, for the Japanese are notorious for making an attack without warning. In spite of the risk involved, however, in letting the Japanese fire the first shot, we realized that in order to have the full support of the American people, it was desirable to make sure that the Japanese be the ones to do this so that there should remain no doubt in anyone's mind as to who were the aggressors."
     And Roosevelt and the Department of the Army also knew this, as "... a very important American Army Intelligence officer, in service in the Far East during 1941... Had gained knowledge of the Yamamoto plan to send a task force to attack Pearl Harbor and sent three separate messages to Washington revealing this information, and at least two of these reached the Army files well before the attack on Pearl Harbor."
     Roosevelt now knew that Japan planned on attacking the United States, but still he did nothing about warning the American forces at Pearl Harbor.
     And on December 7, 1941, Japan launched a "surprise attack."
     The American forces were not prepared for the attack. And the attacking Japanese forces had orders from Japan to return to Japan should they detect any evidence that the Americans had been alerted.
     As their air force attacked Pearl Harbor, they reported that the American planes were having difficulty in getting off the ground.
     This was because the American planes had been grouped in circles, with their propellers all facing inward as the result of an order by President Roosevelt. It was reported that Roosevelt had ordered the planes grouped in this fashion because he feared "acts of sabotage" against the planes and he was acting to protect them.
     Since airplanes do not have a "reverse gear" the grouping of the planes in this manner made it extremely difficult for them to rapidly get out of the circle and into the air. One critic of the circling of these airplanes, Harry Elmer Barnes, has written: "Bunching the planes in a circle, wing to wing, would [make them] helpless in the event of a surprise air attack."
     Another strange circumstance was the make-up of the fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack. The Pacific Fleet consisted of nine battleships and three aircraft carriers along with a host of smaller ships.
     During the attack, the Japanese sank or seriously damaged eight battleships but no aircraft carriers.
     The American government had reasoned that the aircraft carriers would have an extremely important role to play in the type of war they felt would be waged in the Pacific theater. So all of the aircraft carriers had been moved out of Pearl Harbor and all of the less valuable battleships were left behind. The battleships were expendable because most of them had been constructed prior to or during World War I, which meant that they were old and obsolete.
     Along with the aircraft carriers, Roosevelt's government also had withdrawn the smaller, more mobile ships that they knew could be more efficiently utilized in a sea war. On November 28th, Admiral William F. Halsey was sent to Wake Island with the carrier Enterprise, three heavy destroyers and nine destroyers. On December 5th, Admiral John E. Newton was sent to Midway with the carrier Lexington, three heavy cruisers and five destroyers. The carrier Saratoga had been sent to the Pacific Coast.
     Admiral Husband Kimmel, the commander of the naval forces at Pearl Harbor, clearly places the blame for Pearl Harbor's unpreparedness on President Roosevelt. He has written: "We were unready at Pearl Harbor because President Roosevelt's plans required that no word be sent to alert the fleet in Hawaii."
     The Rt Hon. Oliver Lyttleton, a member of Churchill's war cabinet, declared in an address to the American Chamber of Commerce in London on June 24, 1944: "America provoked [the Japanese] to such an extent that the Japanese were forced to attack Pearl Harbor. It is a travesty of history to say that America was forced into the war."
     The Council on Foreign Relations published an article in its publication called Foreign Affairs in January, 1974, that agreed with Lyttleton. The article stated that "Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor actually thrust the United States into World War II, but the Roosevelt administration decided a year and a half earlier to risk war in order to prevent the totalitarian domination of all Europe."
     So on December 8, 1941, President Roosevelt asked the Congress to declare war on Japan, stating that December 7, 1941 would go down in history as a "day of infamy." 
     So when Roosevelt addressed the nation through his speech in Congress, he lied when he said: "We don't like it — and we didn't want to get in it — but we are in it and we're going to fight it with everything we've got."
     Roosevelt's activities in the planning of Pearl Harbor had a costly price.  The final toll was 2,341 U.S. servicemen dead and 1,143 wounded; eighteen ships including the eight battleships were sunk or heavily damaged; more than two hundred Army Air Corps and Navy planes were destroyed or unusable; and sixty-eight civilians were killed.
     For his supposed unpreparedness at Pearl Harbor, Admiral Kimmel was relieved of his command, and he retired on January 7, 1942.
     Admiral Robert Theobold, the Commander of all destroyers at Pearl Harbor, wrote a book entitled The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor, in which he detailed his conclusions about the "surprise attack." He wrote:
1.    President Roosevelt forced Japan to war and enticed them to initiate hostilities by holding the Pacific fleet in Hawaiian waters as an invitation to that attack; 
2.    The plans to use Pearl Harbor as the bait started in June, 1940; 
3.    War with Japan meant war with Germany; and  
4.    Roosevelt, Marshall and Stark knew about Pearl Harbor 21 hours before the attack. 
     But in spite of all of this evidence that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was known by Roosevelt and his top advisors well in advance of that actual event, there are those who still hold to the position that the government and Roosevelt specifically, knew nothing about it.
     So America now had a two-front war against Japan in the Pacific and against Germany in Europe.
     Just as planned!

World War II casualty statistics vary greatly. Estimates of total dead range from 50 million to over 70 million.  An estimated death toll in World War II of 62 to 78 million makes it the deadliest war ever. When scholarly sources differ on the number of deaths in a country, a range of war losses is given, in order to inform readers that the death toll is disputed. Civilians killed totaled from 40 to 52 million, including 13 to 20 million from war-related disease and famine. Total military dead: from 22 to 25 million, including deaths in captivity of about 5 million prisoners of war.

     At this point, surely it would be a much unneeded endeavor to continue this article into the Korean War, Vietnam War (there was no Gulf of Tonkin incident), Iraq, Afghanistan and all of the "needed" police actions in between.
     Will America ever learn?  I doubt it.  But we, as the true believers of the Almighty God, should examine ourselves and the truth in all matters so as not to be an unwitting partaker in man's evil desires.

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