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Mom Horrified After Finding Police Drone Watching Her Children -- In Their Backyard


Hurst, TX — For decades, in dystopian fictions, readers and watchers alike are very familiar with the idea of state-run drones spying on the entrapped population. Luckily, however, the scenes of drones chasing down or spying on those who dare dissent against authority have been restricted to fantasy — until now.

When Texas resident Bobbie Sanchez walked out in her backyard last week, the last thing she thought she'd see was a drone — hovering — watching her kids.

"Mommy there's a drone over our roof," said her children.

According to Sanchez, the drone hovered there long enough for her to take multiple photos and to call the police for help.

However, when Sanchez called the Hurst police department to inform them a drone was spying on her children, the Hurst police department said it was them.

"They're watching my children play in the backyard," said Sanchez. "I called the Hurst Police Department and was pretty surprised to hear that it was them."

According to NBC DFW, Hurst police and fire started using drones earlier this year. They said the day they were over Sanchez's yard was a training exercise.

The department claimed that the day they were over Sanchez's yard, they were conducting 'a training exercise.'

Training, in the land of the free, now involves police officers stripping citizens of their privacy and creepily watching their kids.


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