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Dr. Dao Was Brutalized By Deregulation

•, Paul Craig Robert

The 69-year old was beat senseless by goons. A few days later United Airlines removed a bridal couple on the way to their wedding from a flight only partially filled. No explanation was given, but the couple wary of the beating that might be heading their way complied with the order.

Clearly United is an airline you want to stay far away from. Clearly, the flight attendants have no sense or judgment. Clearly "security" means the opposite.

The answer to the readers' question is that I was writing a column, not a monograph or a book or a long essay. One doesn't need endless examples in order to make a point. Yes, the treatment of Dr. Dao is a good example that America's only solution is violence, but so is two cops shooting down a 12-year old kid playing in a public park.

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