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How Amazon will become the first $1 trillion stock


Stocks look set to rebound this morning after their two-day skid, as some traders gripe about Mr. Market's aimless action lately.

"We find ourselves in a fairly bland market," says CrackedMarket's Jani Ziedins, who views last week's dip and this week's gain as "equally unemotional."

"The unfortunate thing for us is these small moves don't give us a lot to trade," he writes.

Ziedins also cheerily notes that this "half-full" market remains robustly optimistic and is ignoring every reason it should sell off, even as Congress, Trump, the Fed, Britain, France, Syria, Russia and North Korea "have all given us reasons to be cautious."

Here's something that really has been moving:'s stock AMZN, +0.25%  , up about 20% for the year vs. the S&P's 3% gain.

And the e-commerce juggernaut will keep running higher, according to our call of the day, which comes from Scott Galloway, founder of marketing company L2 and an NYU professor.

"I think Amazon is going to say to a series of households, 'Tell you what: You don't need any other retailer. We're it,'" Galloway says.

"The company is going to announce that those households are going to quintuple or sextuple in purchase volume, and the stock's going to become the first $1 trillion market cap company in the history of business."

Galloway — not the first prognosticator to cry "AMZN $1T" — offers other ways in which Amazon is triumphing and "dismantling" the retail sector XRT, +1.47%  .

He says Jeff Bezos & Co. have declared war on conventional brands, changed the relationship between a company and its shareholders, and deployed Alexa (its voice service/digital assistant) in clever ways.

"Alexa and Amazon have conspired and figured out that voice is a way to pull brand and some of the traditional mechanisms and accoutrements of brand-building out of the ecosystem, and then slowly but surely take control of your preferences," says Galloway, who earlier this year blasted Snap Inc.'s SNAP, +1.75%  IPO. Amazon is giving people a discount on laundry detergent and other products when they order through Alexa, he notes.

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