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Success and prosperity - New confessions from an economic hitman


(Natural News) According to author and activist John Perkins, we are all living in the world's "first global empire," one created (somewhat) secretly through economic means.  And, as a self-confessed former "economic hitman," Perkins is not proud of the techniques that were used in developing countries to accomplish this end: corruption, deception, threats and fear.

These sinister tactics helped to create a "death economy," one that is leading us to the brink of disaster. But it's not too late to turn a "death economy" into a "life economy."  The solution, says Perkins, lies in changing our perception about life itself.  Simply put, when we transform our mind, we can transform our life – and literally have the opportunity to change the world.

Welcome to the "human universe," an outgrowth of human perception

The revolutionary truth, says Perkins, is that our perceptions have the power to alter reality.  In addition, never forget, our institutions such as religion, culture, and legal (and economic) systems are based on this perceived reality. In other words, when enough people accept these perceptions – or when they are formalized into laws –they have tremendous impact on objective reality.

And, everything that makes an object "real" – such as its qualities of mass, temperature, velocity and position in space – depends on a sentient human observer for its reality. Therefore, nothing is "real" if no one exists to observe it.

Quantum physicists have discovered that infinitesimal, sub-atomic particles react differently when they are observed by humans. Instead of acting like waves that are constantly moving, they begin suddenly to act like particles in a specific location. This baffling phenomenon is called the "observer effect" – and it establishes that particles have some sort of consciousness of what is happening around them.

The entire universe, which Perkins calls the "human universe," is based on this principle. It responds to consciousness, and our consciousness can bring about events.

Love is a good business to develop

To John Perkins, these concepts are not just high-flown philosophy. Perkins is helping people alter their reality through perceptions by staging "Love Summits," which are intended to instill in business leaders the need to change their perception of success.

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