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Conservatives and Foreign Aid


Conservatives maintain that they believe in the Constitution, limited government, private property, individual liberty, and the free market. Their actions when it comes to foreign aid show that they believe in none of those things.

According to (a new government website dedicated to foreign aid),

The U.S. Government provides assistance to over 100 countries around the world.

There are over 20 U.S. Government agencies responsible for either funding or executing U.S. foreign assistance activities.

Foreign assistance funding is classified into one of nine categories, which is further detailed into 52 sectors. Funds are uniquely aligned to one category and sector.

For fiscal year 2017, the top ten U.S. foreign assistance recipients are as follows:

Afghanistan, $4.7 billion

Israel, $3.1 billion

Egypt, $1.46 billion

Iraq, $1.14 billion

Jordan, $1 billion

Pakistan, $742 million

Kenya, $626.4 million

Nigeria, $606.1 million

Tanzania, $575.3 million

Ethiopia, $513.7 million

Total spending on foreign aid for fiscal year 2017 comes to $42.4 billion.

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