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The article, entitled "Masquerading as Reporter, Assassin Hunted Putin Foes in Ukraine," details an assassination attempt by a man posing as a reporter against a couple in Ukraine, Adam Osmayev and Amina Okuyeva. The couple are leaders in Ukraine's fight against pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. Because Ms. Okuyeva was armed, she was able to foil the assassination attempt.

According to the Times, "The attack was the third high-profile killing or attempted killing in Kiev that the Ukrainian authorities have attributed to Russian security services…."

Note the operative term: Russian.

Now note this excerpt from a succeeding paragraph in the article: "The [reporter's] cover was good but not flawless, Ms. Okuyeva said in an interview, her first with a foreign news organization since the attempted murder."

Note the operative term: murder.

Translation: An assassination carried out by Russia constitutes murder.

Let's now examine an op-ed entitled "The New York Times Recklessly Exposes a CIA Operative's Identity" by Washington Post columnist Marc A. Thiessen, which appeared in the June 7, 2017, issue of the Post.

Notice an important omission in Thiessen's op-ed: Not one single mention of the word "murder." As I explained in my article "Why Should CIA Murderers Be Protected by Secrecy?," that's because the U.S. mainstream press, while able to recognize that assassination by Russian agents constitutes murder, is psychologically unable to recognize that the same applies to assassination by CIA and other U.S. agents.

That's the power of indoctrination and propaganda by the most powerful government in history, one that wields the omnipotent power to assassinate anyone in the world it wants, including American citizens, and not be held to account, not even by the federal judiciary, which has held that it lacks jurisdiction to interfere with U.S. state-sponsored assassinations.

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