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Something very unusual is happening in radioactive Fukushima


Robots sent to Fukushima have "died" of excessive radiation

A Japanese company whose task is to clean up Fukushima, the largest nuclear disaster site after Chernobyl, admitted that robotic probes that were send there were continually failing. The cause of this, no doubt, are extremely high levels of radiation, writes Independent.

The Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima 2011 was caused by the earthquake and tsunami that killed more than 18,000 people and destroyed over one million buildings.

At least one hundred thousand people were forced to leave their homes near the facility, and within that population significantly increased mental disorders, especially in the form of PTSDs.

The radiation there can kill a man in two minutes

It is estimated that about 600 tonnes of toxic fuel escaped from the reactor during the incident, and the Japanese company TEPCO has to determine the exact parameters of that leak prior to thoroughly cleaning the location that has been planned for years.

Radiation levels there are considerably larger than what any man can withstand, data gathered at the site by robots showed - at least what they could collect.

Robot Sasori, when approaching the interior of the reactor, was stuck in the remains of nuclear waste, and its functions were broken down, before that it was sending radioactive data of 210 siverts per hour - a dose that is enough to kill a man within two minutes.

This is not the first time the robot has come to a halt - the previous probe had to return after both cameras had been killed in two hours as it had been in the dangerous zone. Cause of failure? The robot has exceeded its maximum tolerance of 1000 siverts. Despite these extremely dangerous and high levels of radiation, TEPCO claims that it does not breach out of the reactor.

But worrying levels of radiation and inadequate cleaning of the reactor will limit and slow down further research, and because of them everything is in "waiting". The last one there was the robot produced by Toshiba - and not only that, it stopped working five times faster than expected.

A single radiation dose of 1 silvert is enough to cause radiation illness and nausea, 5 silverts suffice to kill half exposed in a month, and a 10 silverts would kill you within a week.

Experts: "The situation is worse than we thought"

TEPCO's readings from February 2017 showed that the situation was far more dramatic than it was imagined, and the words "without precedent" were mentioned.

The dissolved atomic fuel came into contact with the groundwater, and the dissolved core spreads to the 'large area'.

"Increased radiation may be due to the fact that nuclear fuel dissolves and made a hole in the boiler, but at this point it is only a hypothesis," TEPCO spokesman Tatsuhiro Yamagishi told AFP.

Fish from most oceans are contaminated

Catching and eating fish from the Pacific is a past. Experts find that contaminated water contains traces of radioactive iodine, cesium and strontium -89 and 90. Despite the efforts of the Japanese government to control this problem, the fish are saturated with continuous radiation emitted into the ocean. Contamination has resulted in the closure of the fishing industry.

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