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WATCH: Cop Attacks Road Workers So They Take Him Down in Citizen's Arrest


Louisville, KY — A Kentucky State Trooper on a power trip allegedly got violent with a road construction crew over the weekend. However, as the video of incident shows, unlike most scenarios with cops on power trips, it was the Trooper who got taken down, not the citizens.

According to video and the witness accounts from the road crew, Trooper Anthony Harrison punched a worker and put them all in danger as he drove through a construction site Sunday night.

According to the crew, Harrison drove too fast toward their work zone near Fort Knox about 11:30 p.m. Sunday, adding that he stopped his personal car abruptly, confronted the workers and started arguing.

Two of the workers told WDRB that Harrison was angry about not seeing the crew and their equipment in a closed-off and marked traffic lane.

In the video, Harrison is seen yelling at one of the workers over their disagreement

"Don't yell at me," the woman says.

"I will yell at you!" Harrison barks back as he tries to intimidate her. "Or what!?"

Harrison flashed his badge and let it be known that he was a trooper, however, he still got unnecessarily violent.

When Harrison noticed that he was being recorded, he became even more enraged. He then appears to attack the man filming and at this point, all hell breaks loose.

"Me pulling the phone and filming him, that just sent him over the top," said Joey Gaddis, who shot the video. "He lunged at me for the phone. I felt like he was trying to grab at my neck."

At this point, the crew takes Harrison down and disarms him in a citizen's arrest as they called the police. The crew's level of force appeared to be entirely justified and kept to a minimum, only using enough force to hold Harrison down. Unlike many police officers would've done in this scenario, no head strikes, baton blows, or tasers were used to subdue the officer.

"That badge doesn't give the right to get in someone's face like that," the woman said as they held down Harrison.

The crew then continued to hold Harrison down, without incident, until police officers arrived. However, once police arrived everything changed — they let him go.

Gaddis explained that once the other troopers showed up, they immediately moved to protect their brother in blue by treating the road workers as the criminals.

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