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Blockchain and Tokenization are Becoming Accessible to the Mainstream


The way in which Blockchain technology has permeated into the new wave of technological advancement can no longer be ignored. It is slowly setting itself up to be a disruptive technology for all, and for every company to be able to utilize. However, getting that utilization right at this early stage is difficult.

Some of the bigger branded companies, especially high tech ones such as IBM and Microsoft have shown they know how to use Blockchain technology to achieve what they need. They have the infrastructure and the backing to make use of the tech.

However, this tech is available to everyone that can find a use for it, of which there are many uses, but its implementation is extremely difficult to get right.

There is now however a solution in Simple Token, a company that is looking to help mainstream apps to develop and deploy their own branded crypto-backed token economies. The Blockchain, as well as its tokenization becomes an applicable addition to an app, without the usual difficulties of deploying an ICO.

Bridging the Blockchain to the Mainstream

There is still a lot to understand and get right when it comes to utilizing Blockchain technology for companies, however, its attraction is that there is such a huge array of different ways it can be used to solve problems and provide solutions.

This attraction has seen many companies asking, 'why not us?' in relation to joining the Blockchain revolution, as well as adding a branded token economy where it can have huge benefit.

That gap between the technology and apps and companies is difficult and vast, but Simple Token believe they can adequately fill it. Simple Token will be the ones who can help companies deploy their own branded crypto-backed token economies.

Additionally, Simple Token can help businesses enter the Blockchain business infrastructure without having to focus time and energy on minting and maintaining their own publicly-tradable crypto tokens.

How the ST Token operates

Through the use of the Simple Token (ST) any company with be able to create, launch and manage their own branded digital token economy. It will be backed by the ST coin without the need of creating and minting a new coin, and having to deal with the issues that brings.

Then, through use of the OpenST Protocol, the same company is able to stake these ST coins against their coins along the auditable and transparent Blockchain.

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