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Legal loophole may help company freeze people alive

•, Kristin Hugo

If you've ever hoped to be cryogenically frozen, you might come across a legal hurdle: while human cryonics is legal in several countries, you have to be dead before going into the cryonics tank. Otherwise, freezing someone alive is tantamount to murder. So, as it is, you can only get your dead body or head frozen—and when thawed, you'd still be dead.

This doesn't deter some people, who simply hope to be cryopreserved until the day comes that humanity masters the art of resurrection, so scientists can reanimate them and cure their ailments. Or upload their consciousness into the cloud. Whichever comes first.

But for those of you who would prefer to go on ice before the immutability of brain death takes hold, there may be a legal loophole to help. According to The Telegraph, one company hopes to avoid that legal issue entirely by building a cryonics lab in a country where human euthanasia is legal.

If Russian cryonics company KrioRus manages to fund it, they plan to buy a bunker in Switzerland and convert it to a cryopreservation lab. People with one foot in the grave could fly in from around the world and be placed in a cryopreservation tank, awaiting the day when their otherwise-fatal disease is cured, and their body is revived to go on living. (Alternatively, they can consider being awoken when we can upload our consciousness to computers, and we won't need our flesh-prisons…. I hear that day is near.)

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