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[Alert] Japan plans release of Fukushima radioactive water


More than six years after a deadly tsunami overwhelmed the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Japan is close to deciding what to do with a million tons of radioactive water.

The toxic water is stored on site in over 900 large and densely packed tanks that could spill should another major earthquake or tsunami strike.

The stalemate is rooted in a fundamental conflict between science and human nature — and one plan has the Japanese slowly pouring the water into the Pacific ocean.

Treatment has removed all the deadly elements except tritium, the government claims, which they say is safe in small amounts.

Local fishermen aren't sold, thiough. The water has a dirty image for consumers, they say, and carried potential risk. Despite repeated tests showing most types of fish caught off Fukushima are safe to eat, diners remain hesitant to risk radioactive poisoning. The fishermen fear any release would sound the death knell for their nascent and still fragile recovery.

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