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ALERT: When the FISA memo is released, watch for massive, coordinated censorship ...


(Natural News) The release of the FISA memo is imminent, according to numerous sources, which means the covert, criminal deep state that flourished under the corruption of the Obama regime is about to be exposed for all to see.

Accordingly, the deep state is in a whole new state of absolute panic. The "Schiff" is about to hit the fan. The new history of America is about to be emblazoned on our collective consciousness, and we will never look at government the same way again.

Tech giants will collude to suppress all truthful information about the FISA memo

Because the deep state operates in collusion with social media to stifle independent journalism and push false, deceptive narratives that deliberately misinform the masses — take the "Russia collusion" hoax as an especially salient example — we should expect search engines and social media to be heavily pressured to censor all posts about the facts revealed in the FISA memo.

This means a "near-blackout" will likely be put in place to shadow ban or outright ban websites, social media accounts, YouTube users and others who dare to cover details of the FISA memo. The insane, hate-filled and hopelessly corrupt "Left Cult" of America (which now dominates the ranks of tech giants) will stop at nothing to try to memory hole the reality that's now being revealed. The criminality of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, James Comey, Loretta Lynch and a long list of other deep state operatives will be inescapable. Ultimately, as the evidence is meticulously followed and applicable laws are applied, people like Hillary Clinton will be indicted and imprisoned for their treasonous crimes against America.

Google, which is now run by a lunatic Left-wing cult of insane Clinton worshipers, will no doubt attempt to blacklist sites like Natural News, InfoWars, Breitbart and others who are daring to engage in real journalism. Facebook will shadow ban accounts that post FISA memo details, and Twitter will make sure user accounts suffer mysterious "glitches" that prevent users from posting tweets. The full force of the hate-filled, anti-American, totally unhinged tech giant cult will be unleashed across the internet in a last-ditch, desperate attempt to silence the shocking, mind-blowing truth contained in the FISA memo.

Make a special effort to go DIRECTLY to the news sites that report the truth

For this reason, you must make a special effort to go directly to your favorite independent media websites by typing the URLs into your browser. Do NOT rely on Google, Facebook or Twitter to bring you truthful content about the FISA memo. They will distort, suppress or simply wipe out all content they don't want you to see. That's how dangerous the FISA memo truly is to the totalitarian narratives of the hopelessly corrupt Left. Remember, too, that they are the ones who abused government power by "weaponizing" the FBI and DOJ to destroy their political opposition, all while absurdly claiming it was Trump who meddled with the election.

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