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Look What's Sticking to Our Shoes

• by L. Neil Smith

When they nominated fascist drug-warrior Bob Barr for President, and later on, that pair of uneducated political hacks Gary Johnson and William Weld, I found somebody else to vote for, bringing my 44-year loyalty to the LP to a close.

Those few in the Party that I still have some contact with have made it more than plain that they have no use for my ideas and experience—and especially my principles, which only get in the way of running stumbling morons for office.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't give a rusty fuck (h/t Rod Steiger) what idiotic thing the Party did next. My political interests now lie elsewhere, where my opinions are respected and welcomed. However (you knew there was going to be one of those, didn't you?), the Party's most recent misstep is so stupid, so evil, and so insane, that the LP deserves to be driven out of American politics altogether, thrown on the proverbial garbage heap of history, and burned to a fine, sterile, white ash. As of today, I'm going to do my best to get that process started.

What did the Party do? Very simple. Presented with an opportunity to have former Congressman and twice Presidential candidate (once for the LP and once for the GOP) Dr. Ron Paul speak at its next national convention (for free, because another organization volunteered to pay for it) the bucketheads snottily declined! They also turned down a chance to get distinguished libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano to speak.

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