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Voting is Not A Right; Voting is Violence


Among the most dangerous myths of the modern world is that a majority of people have the right to impose their will upon everyone else. It has even come to a point that it is now a controversial view to deny communists and fascists "voting rights." This, of course, is an entirely flawed premise. There is no such thing as voting rights.

You do not have the right to assault me, steal from me, or violate any of my rights which are implicit in private property. This standard applies to all individuals and groups. Whereas you do not have the right to violate my rights, you and a friend of yours do not have the right to violate my rights. Being in the majority does not make your cause any more or less unjust. If a group of people teams up to violate the property rights of a smaller group, they are still violating the rights of a smaller group.

All rights stem from property rights. It can be logically deduced and axiomatically supported that I am the owner of my body. Whereas I own myself, I have the inherent right to mix my labor with unowned resources to make said resources my own. These resources become my private property. Whereas I am the sole owner of myself and my private property, no individual, no matter how powerful; and no group, no matter how massive, has sovereignty over myself or my property. To claim otherwise is to claim that other people have a property stake in me. It is an ascension to the idea that people may own another human being.


The State, being a territorial monopolist on the use of initiatory force and ultimate decision making, as defined by sociologist Max Weber, immediately comes into contradiction with private property. Whereas the State claims the right to initiate force on individuals, it engages in the violation of private property rights. The State in every manifestation is unjust.

This is the case for a democratic State as well. In a democracy (or a representative democracy, democratic republic, or constitutional republic), the State invokes the will of the people as its source of legitimacy. This is among the most despicable notions. According to this theory, the people are naive enough to beg the State to exploit them. It is self-evident that we are not the government.

If one partakes in voting, they are requesting that the State use violence against those who disagree with the voter's worldview. By voting for more government, one is engaging in a form of initiatory force. Voting is violence and democracy is the oppression of those who dwell within the minority opinion. Voting, in practice, is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner. Voting is the people choosing who will be violating the people's right to private property, and how they will do it. Voting is initiatory violence and an assault on private property.

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