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(Natural News) If you're been reading this site for very long, you're already well aware that the so-called "mainstream media" functions as pawns of the deep state, catapulting propaganda on command, blacking out news stories they don't want you to see, and fabricating false "sources" to justify fictitious stories that achieve a political agenda.

Some of the media organizations that have knowingly and deliberately published deep state propaganda, as you'll see below, include Mother Jones, Slate, Yahoo News, the Washington Post, the New York Times, The Atlantic and of course fake news CNN.

Author Lee Smith at The Federalist has authored a detailed tour of the journalistic malpractice pursued by these organizations over the last two years. It's an extremely important article that every informed American should read because it exposes the utter fakery and maliciousness of the left-wing media.

Because of the importance of this piece, I'm reprinting the full article here, with credit to The Federalist. I also encourage you to read some of the other stories authored by Lee Smith.

The Media Stopped Reporting The Russia Collusion Story Because They Helped Create It

The press has played an active role in the Trump-Russia collusion story since its inception. It helped birth it.

Story by Lee Smith, The Federalist

Half the country wants to know why the press won't cover the growing scandal now implicating the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice, and threatening to reach the State Department, Central Intelligence Agency, and perhaps even the Obama White House.

After all, the release last week of a less-redacted version of Sens. Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham's January 4 letter showed that the FBI secured a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to search the communications of a Trump campaign adviser based on a piece of opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. The Fourth Amendment rights of an American citizen were violated to allow one political party to spy on another.

If the press did its job and reported the facts, the argument goes, then it wouldn't just be Republicans and Trump supporters demanding accountability and justice. Americans across the political spectrum would understand the nature and extent of the abuses and crimes touching not just on one political party and its presidential candidate but the rights of every American.

That's all true, but irrelevant. The reasons the press won't cover the story are suggested in the Graham-Grassley letter itself.

Steele Was a Media Informant

The letter details how Christopher Steele, the former British spy who allegedly authored the documents claiming ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, told the FBI he wasn't talking to the press about his investigation. In a British court, however, Steele acknowledged briefing several media organizations on the material in his dossier.

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