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Mystery deepens: Armed deputy stood by and ALLOWED the Florida shooting to happen,...


(Natural News) It's always fascinating to me how the "official stories" surrounding almost every mass shooting begin to unravel a few days after the event. ABC News is now reporting that an armed deputy stood by and watched as the Parkland school shooting took place, refusing to even enter the building:

[A] video shows Peterson arrived at the west side of Building 12, where most of the killing happened. He then took up a position but "never went in." …The video shows that Peterson remained outside the building for upward of four minutes during the shooting, which lasted about six minutes, Israel said. Aside from getting "on his radio," Peterson did "nothing" while standing outside the building, Israel said.

("Israel" is the name of the Broward County Sheriff.)

The name of the deputy who refused to enter the building is Scot Peterson. He has been suspended without pay and reportedly meets the "requirements for retirement." So while 17 other people died even though Scot Peterson was armed and trained to respond, Peterson is going to get full retirement benefits. Wow.

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