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Libertarians Express Admiration For Students Participating In Gun Control Protest


Today, thousands of students participated in coordinated walk-outs in schools across America in a demonstration against gun rights. In a surprising move, the Libertarian Party has expressed solidarity with the protesters.

"To all of the students walking out today, we admire you for standing up for political change," the party wrote on its official Facebook page today.

"Based on past results, old party politicians will ignore your pleas for change as soon as the news cycle moves on and the cameras turn off. If you want to make real political change, joining the Libertarian Party sends a clearer message that politicians can't ignore, since it hits them in the votes," the party wrote.

The Libertarian Party's recruitment letter to children who fiercely oppose the 2nd Amendment did not mention the party's official stance on gun rights from its platform, which reads as follows: "We oppose all laws at any level of government restricting, registering, or monitoring the ownership, manufacture or transfer of firearms of ammunition."


The apparent hypocrisy of the Libertarian Party enraged many onlookers, as was evidenced in the top comments posted on Facebook.

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